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Withdraw Digital Slot Online Balance with Transfer, Which Is Easy?

After successfully getting the online slot progressive jackpot , bettors can immediately withdraw it by submitting a balance withdrawal request. Now, there are two choices of virtual chips coin balance withdrawal methods. Each method has its own advantages.

Online Slot Withdrawal Method
The first method that is widely used by bettors is conventional bank transfers. This method is chosen by many bettors because the disbursement process will go directly to the personal account number.

And the second method is a transfer to a digital account or e-wallet https://icemanbook.com/. This is a new method that becomes an alternative balance withdrawal method. This method is widely chosen because it is easier, more practical, and is valid for 24 hours.

Indeed, each of these balance disbursement methods is not subject to admin fees or other fees. In addition, the method of submitting a balance disbursement request and the requirements are also not much different.

However, in terms of benefits, the conventional interbank transfer method with e-wallet is very different. As a bettor, you have the right to choose one of the disbursement methods that have been provided by online slot bookies . So, please choose which method you feel is profitable.

Terms and Rules for Submitting a Balance Withdrawal Request Via Bank Transfer and E-Wallet

To submit a balance withdrawal request, the bettor must know the terms and rules set by the bookie. No need to worry, this balance withdrawal request via bank transfer and e-wallet has the same terms and rules.

So, you just choose to use the bank transfer or e-wallet transfer method. The first condition is that the bettor must use an account in his personal name when making withdrawals.

If you do not have a bank account number and an e-wallet in your personal name, then please take care of it first. This is because a trusted online slot bookie will not cash out the virtual chip coin balance if you don’t use an account number in your personal name.

The second condition, you must fill in the entire balance withdrawal e-form provided by the city. Don’t forget, choose one of the balance disbursement methods provided by the city. Reason, the city will liquidate the balance according to the chosen method.

The third condition, obey the rules in the process of disbursing the virtual chip coin balance. Each online slot game gambling site has rules for disbursing balances. This rule is mandatory and binding.

One of the rules is the minimum amount of balance disbursement. Generally, bettors are required to submit a minimum balance disbursement of Rp. 50,000 for one time withdrawal. If the cashout is below the minimum, the bookie will not process your request.

The next rule, bettors have a maximum balance withdrawal request 4 times a day. If you make a withdrawal more than the maximum limit, the dealer will process the disbursement the next day. Because, you have exceeded the daily balance withdrawal limit.

So, you must follow the terms and rules to withdraw the virtual chip coin balance. If you make a withdrawal without fulfilling the terms and conditions, the withdrawal process will not be processed by the bookie.

How to Withdraw Online Slot Balance Via E-Wallet and Bank Transfer

Generally, novice bettors don’t really understand how to disburse balances. Because, online slot progressive jackpot prizes are still virtual chips. Therefore, to withdraw it, the bettor must submit a balance withdrawal request.

The process of withdrawing the balance also depends on the method and time of withdrawal. So, sooner or later, both are affected. To avoid failing to withdraw your balance, know how to withdraw your balance via e-wallet and bank transfer. Among them are the following:

Member Account Login
The first step, please login to the account first. Please enter the user ID and password via the website or mobile smartphone application.

Find Menu Withdrawal Balance
The second step, immediately look for the balance withdrawal menu. Generally, this menu is located at the top or left side of the website or smartphone mobile application.

Fill All Balance Withdrawal E-Form
The third step, the online slot dealer has provided a balance withdrawal e-form. Please fill in your full name, email address, telephone number, disbursement method, nominal balance withdrawn, up to a bank account or e-wallet number.

Make sure everything is filled in correctly. Reason, a small mistake can make the balance withdrawal process otherwise failed by the online slot city.

Waiting for Disbursement Process
The fourth step, please wait a few minutes for the process of disbursing the balance you submitted. Usually, this process takes about 10 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the queue.

It is recommended that you submit a balance withdrawal request in the morning or evening. The goal is to avoid queues for withdrawing balances which are quite time consuming.

Differences Withdrawal Balance E-Wallet with Conventional Bank Transfer

Indeed, there are two withdrawal methods you can use. However, in terms of operations and profits are quite different. For those of you who choose the balance withdrawal method via conventional banks, then you can only request a balance withdrawal during bank operations.

So, it is recommended that you make a balance withdrawal at 9 am to 3 pm. And if you use the e-wallet transfer method, then you can withdraw your online slot balance at any time. Because this method is valid 24 hours a day.

The second difference is that the conventional bank balance withdrawal process takes a long time to disburse. This is due to queues for disbursement of balances that must be forwarded to the relevant bank.

Meanwhile, this e-wallet transfer method only takes about 10 minutes to 20 minutes. The third difference is that this conventional interbank transfer method rarely experiences problems such as transfer errors.

Meanwhile, e-wallet transfers often experience problems due to disturbances in the application server system. So, bettors can choose which balance withdrawal method you think is more profitable.

Solution to Overcome Online Slot Balance Withdrawal Failed

When bettors experience problems with failing to withdraw their balance, there are several ways to overcome this. You don’t need to panic, because failing to withdraw this balance is common. There are several solutions for dealing with failed withdrawals.

So, bettors can choose a solution to overcome withdrawal failure according to the cause. The first step, you can submit a reload withdrawal request if the problem is a disturbance on the online slot bookie website server .

The second solution, you can contact the customer service provided by online slot betting bookies. You can contact the customer service hotline via Whatsapp, Telegram, or the live chat website. Bettors can question the reason for failing to withdraw the virtual chip coin balance.

Then, customer service will carry out investigation steps to find out the cause of the failed online slot balance withdrawal . After the investigation process is complete, the customer service will notify the cause of the failed withdrawal of the balance made by the bettor.

And then, customer service will provide some suggestions so that the withdrawal process can be processed again by the betting city. As a bettor, you must comply with the instructions given by customer service.

After receiving the online slot jackpot prize, the bettor must apply for a balance disbursement. Because, the jackpot prize will be top-up to the virtual chip coin balance. Therefore, you must know how to withdraw online slot balances via e-wallet and conventional bank transfers.