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This may surprise you, or maybe you actually know, but older people really enjoy playing slots . But what’s the deal with parents and online slot machines?

We did some digging to find out why online slots are often parents’ number one game choice.

Reasons Parents Love Online Slots:
Online slots are like a trip down memory lane. We’ve all seen machines from days ago when you pulled the lever to spin the reels.

While today’s slot machines require less manual labor, they are still a reminder to see if your lucky day begins with that much-desired matching symbol.

Cool sounds and bright slot https://mickaetade.com/ lights can quickly take you out of the world and carry you.

For many parents, loneliness can be devastating and slots provide a fun escape into a different world. Sadness and regret are another reason slots provide a welcome respite.

Low Bet
Older people generally don’t have much spare cash to flash. The great thing about online slots is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to play.

Some games, such as penny slot machines, allow you to bet only

for a penny, making it a cheap and easy way to

have fun that seems harmless.

Easy to Play
Table games can be intimidating, whereas with slots no one is watching you or expecting you to do anything. No skill or concentration required, so it’s a fun and stress-free way to pass the time.

User Friendly
As you age, your eyes, ears and reflexes are not what they used to be. The best thing about slots is that nothing matters! The sound is loud, the picture is big and bright, and the win doesn’t depend on you reacting fast enough.

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They are Addictive
A big reason why anyone – not just older casino customers – enjoys slots is because they are so addictive. The wins are random and frequent enough that you tend to keep playing, just in case the next hit is your big win.

Everything from noise to intermittent wins is specifically designed to give your brain that big hit of dopamine , known as the “reward.”

Your brain is wired to want more of these prizes, which is why you keep playing. The design of the slots is so effective that many elements have actually been copied by dating apps, to keep users hooked and coming back for more.

Targeted Marketing
Casinos know that older people have more time and play it. Marketing is targeted at the older generation and the casino is probably the most accessible place on the planet!

Casinos will send vouchers and offers to encourage more parents to come and play.

They are Friendly
Many homes and parent communities organize day trips to the casino , so it’s a great day out with friends. Once there, slot machines are very attractive because of their straight-line layout and ease of access.

Many parents feel ostracized by other members of the community or a burden to their family. But alone in an online slot machine, sounds and lights cheer you on. Suddenly the world is more inviting and you are once again the star of your own life and you feel young again.

Millennial Interest Rate In Online Slots
Casinos Need to Work Harder To Attract a Younger Crowd. According to a survey conducted in 2016 , non Millennials are more likely to spend their time gambling than Millennials.

For under 35s, gambling attracted 21% of those who asked, while for those over 35, it attracted double that percentage. This is a concern for the casino industry as they try and figure out how to stay relevant to the younger and newer generations.

The younger generation of today is visiting these huge casinos and going wild on the dance floor. With expensive drinks and entry prices to the club, the casinos are still making their money back.

As for the older generation, gambling is at the core of many of their social events. Bingo is very popular.

Another thing, of course, is that with age, the aversion to risk begins to loosen again. Perhaps because they feel closer to the end of their lives, they feel they have less to lose. For many, they are no longer able-bodied and it is a settled way of getting the thrills and adventures of distant youth.