Using Your Poker Calculator to Measure Opponent’s Aggression

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One of the most difficult aspects of playing poker successfully is learning how to deal with aggressive players. This is especially true for new players who have not had the experience of playing against such players with the right emotional detachment. What usually happens is an impatient or ill-timed counterattack which is actually a well executed trap by the aggressor.
If you have a poker calculator, such situations can be avoided by knowing exactly what your opponent’s Aggression Factor (AF) is, and what it means. If you are using the Holdem Indicator or the Tournament Indicator, the formula for the aggression factor is AF = (Raise % + Bet %) / Call %. Now what this actually represents is aggression after the flop simply because it also includes betting on turns and rivers. Keep in mind that pre-fail upgrades have their own distinct categories.
Basically the AF factor because it shows the relationship between the number of times a player bets and/or raises compared to the number of times he just calls. So suppose the opponent’s AF is 2.0. Well it’s on the aggressive side to be sure but what it represents (for example) is that the player raises 5 times, bets 6 times and is called 6 times. So that’s (5 + 6) /6=1.83 rounded up to 2.0. So as you can see by doing the calculations, this player prefers to lead the bet and may just make calls at odds and in position Baccarat Online Uang Asli .
This player is probably experienced and knows what he is doing. There’s nothing wrong with having AF in this range and if a player advances his stack, while making no obvious mistakes, you can probably believe he’s dangerous and will try to trick you into giving up your stack. With a player like this, you have to get rid of the bet from him by betting first or re-raising. This player wants to play small ball, and will not like you to re-raise, or bet out of position, taking the pot size out of his comfort zone.
Let’s look at the AF of other players just to compare. How about 11.5? Yes, you can get that high, and even higher. This player, let’s call him WrecklessBob77, hardly ever just calls. If he is in the pot he bets or raises the flop, no matter what. To get AF this high WrecklessBob77 has bet 21 times and gone up 13 times while only calling 3 times. That’s (21 + 13) /3=11.33 rounded up to 11.5. Chances are the Holdem Indicator Poker Calculator has profiled this individual as a gambler because the AF factor is weighed into the profiling, along with the VPIP and WSD percentages.
With a gambler that has AF and that high, he just plays with too much aggression, especially if you see him at the lower limit. The fact that he is still around is probably the result of winning several big pots in marginal situations, excessive luck, and weak opponents. Those things never last long enough, and this player WILL bet on himself from any match or tournament. The savvy players at the table will drool over the pile, just waiting patiently to trap this maniac and bring him in. That’s what you should do as well while knowing your position on the hand, but also realizing that you need a strong hand to play this. comrades, so as not to become one of the victims of his bad beats.