Sbobet Mix Parlay Betting Guide and Formulas

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SBOBET – Mix Parlay Sbobet is one of the largest soccer gambling websites in the world and also the games provided by sbobet are the most complete. As you already know that on the official sbobet website you can access various kinds of online gambling games ranging from soccer betting or sportsbooks, popular games, and online live casinos that are designed with a simple 3D display as if you were sitting in a real casino.

Besides that, now sbobet is also equipped with a new game, namely link ibcbet financial which seems to make every customer feel like they are playing like on the stock exchange. However, of the many games presented by sbobet to date, what is still included as the best-selling game is the soccer betting game.

Sbobet Mix Parlay Betting Guide and Formulas

The sbobet mix parlay or what is known as the package game is one of the most popular types of markets by gamblers because it has a spectacular multiplication value of winnings (each multiplier/odds number will be multiplied to the total odds) but the level of difficulty to penetrate this package is also quite difficult. In this type of sbobet mix parlay game, players are given the freedom to choose different types of markets for one match and combined with other matches (the minimum installation of the sbobet mix parlay is three matches).

Of the many types of soccer bets on sbobet, it can be said that mix parlay is one of the most profitable games. Players can start the sbobet mix parlay game with a relatively small capital, from Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 50,000. However, the amount of payment that players will get from winning results can be doubled. The calculation of the odds for the multiplication of the member’s bet wins is multiplied by all the odds of each selected match in the sbobet mix parlay package.

1. All teams through the sbobet mix parlay package. A

full win in the mix parlay calculation will only be achieved if all the teams you choose are considered to have won in full in the soccer betting calculation without any of your guesses being wrong.

{2.09 x 2.03 x 1.22 x 1.71 x 1.79 x 2.05 x 1.84} x 25 = ( 59.761 X 25 ) = 1.494 (sudah termasuk modal)

Sbobet Mix Parlay Betting Guide and Formulas
2. There is a team that only wins half

. This means that one or more of the teams of your choice have won half. The following is the formula for calculating it:

Odds that win in half must be divided by 2 first, then enter into multiplication.

Example: Atletico Paranaense -vs- Atletico Mineiro played a draw, of course because I took Mineiro who got voor 1/4 of the ball, then I would be considered to have only won half the money. Incidentally the odds are 2.05

then divided by 2 to become 1.025. Then: [2.09 x 2.03 x 1.22 x 1.71 x 1.79 x 1.025 x 1.84] x 25 = 747 , or [(2.09 x 2.03 x 1.22 x 1.79 x 2.05 x 1.84): (1.71 x 2) x 25] = 747 (already including capital)

3. There is a team that loses half

Losing in half is a very complicated thing in the sbobet mix parlay.

Of course, the calculation method is different.

The half-lost sbobet mix parlay odds must be multiplied by 2, then the remaining total odds are distributed to the odds that have been multiplied by 2.

Sbobet Mix Parlay Betting Guide and Formulas
Example: Leganes -vs- Ponferradina played in a draw, I happened to take Leganes which gave voor 1/4 of the ball, automatically it would be considered half lost. The MIX PARLAY SBOBET Odds are 1.71 and then multiplied by 2, the result is 3.42. Then :[(2.09 x 2.03 x 1.22 x 1.79 x 2.05 x 1.84) : 3.42 ] x 25 = 255 , or [2.09 x 2.03 x 1.22 x 1.79 x 2.05 x 1.84] : [1.71 x 2] x 25 = 255

4. There is a team that lost in full.

There is no need to say much more, according to the sbobet mix parlay rules, all teams must pass the bet. If there is only one team that you choose to lose, then all other options will be forfeited. Even if you choose 30 teams, 29 win in full and only 1 lose in full, you are automatically considered a total loser.

Do you understand how to do online betting at SBOBET? sure you understand!