Printed Music Magazines Begin To Fall, There Is Free Access To View The Archives Of Old Music Magazines Online

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Music magazine is one of the mass media that has its own popularity. This can be seen from the art of music which will never subside throughout time. However, nowadays, the popularity of the printed version of the mass media is clearly declining. Apart from now being the era of digitalization where many people are comfortable accessing something in a simple and convenient way, in the midst of this pandemic, online consumption is increasing at a time when offline businesses are experiencing a decline. However, there are some groups who consistently maintain their romantic side by not forgetting about the history of the music industry. Knowing this taruhan bola sbobet, several music media that used to be diligent in publishing music magazines and tabloids, now provides an online platform and archives his journalism artifacts on a website that he has created for easy access by readers and fans. Here are some print media archives from music magazines that can be accessed easily and of course for free!

Print magazine Generator is a magazine that has been published since 1993 and circulated in the US and UK. The magazine, which has a distinctive jargon of ‘energy and culture of dance music’, contains rubrics about club culture and electronic music. Despite having an impressively lower page count than other magazines, Generator has a wider and more sidestream editorial curation. At that time Generator also featured a number of DJs who were actually still underground at that time. To simply reminisce or look for past information, Generator makes it easy for readers to archive the magazines from 1993 to 1996 on their online website, which can be accessed freely and easily.
Muzik Magazine
This one magazine also comes from the UK, Muzik Magazine is a print magazine that circulated in the rave era. This monthly music magazine, known for its bold style, circulated from 1995 to 2003 and was specifically aimed at dance music fans rather than seasonal clubbers. At its golden achievement, Muzik Magazine had experienced sales of up to 50,000 copies every month. Besides having a music review rubric which is known to be varied and extensive, Muzik Magazine is also famous for its extensive coverage and features regarding club culture. You can freely access their website online to view their fully archived digital catalog of all the editions they have.
Actual is an important history for the world of music journalism in Indonesia. This magazine is the first magazine that specifically discusses music in Indonesia. Aktuil is a magazine that was influential in its era, which was around 1969 to the 1970s. As the only music medium at that time, Aktuil took a big role among music lovers. Besides that, Aktuil is loved by many people because it provides a bonus poster and the cover can be used as a display or collection by the readers. It didn’t stop there, Aktuil even held a big concert at the GBK Stadium -formerly the Senayan Main Stadium- by inviting Deep Purple in 1975. At that time, the enthusiasm of many people could not be contained because at that time performers from abroad were very rare. Realizing its historical value, the Indonesian Music Museum has digitized the current magazine archives neatly with the help of institutions under UNESCO. You can access the Aktuil archive through the Indonesian Music Museum website