Online Slot Gambling Sites Infiltrate Government Sites

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The increasing prevalence of Online Slot Gambling Sites Infiltrating Government Sites in Indonesia, the main obstacle is because these online bookies are not located in Indonesian territory, usually they run their business abroad where gambling is legalized there.

Actually, there is no online slot gambling center in Indonesia, the operator is abroad. For example in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and so on. This is an obstacle in eradicating online gambling to its roots, if online gambling sites are blocked then the bookies will create new sites again.

In addition, online slot gambling sites can now be renamed where the names of these sites are not related to gambling.

Another reason that makes online gambling difficult to eradicate is the attitude of the community. Where there are still many people who think to get money instantly.

In addition, there are also people who consider gambling to be just a game and a mere habit and no longer a violation of religious norms, moral norms, customary norms and legal norms. That is the reason why it is difficult to eradicate online gambling.

Especially in times of a pandemic like now. Many people have been laid off, people’s mobility is restricted, they work from home, especially at this time it is very difficult to earn money. This has led to the emergence of many new online gambling sites.

This is used by online bookies to open as many sites as possible to reap profits.

The thing that must be done now is the need to educate the public about the dangers of playing online slot gambling, in addition to material / financial losses, it is also dangerous for health and mental.

At first it was just trial and error, addicted and then finally broke and fell into poverty. Without realizing the property will run out one by one until it goes bankrupt. That is the effect of playing gambling.

In the following, I will describe some of the dangers or bad effects of online gambling games.

Impacts and disadvantages of online slot gambling sites
1. Financial Losses and Social Relations

Impact of online slots
Impact of playing online slots
The first bad impact caused by online slot sites is financial loss, where in the world of gambling there is no term that the player wins, only the dealer who wins in the end.

Online gambling players if they are not quickly aware of the dangers, can result in becoming addicted. And if this addiction is acute, it will be very dangerous they will be willing to do anything to get money to gamble even to commit a crime.

When it has reached this point it will be to the detriment of many people, which causes social relationships to be ruined.

2. Can Cause Depression

impact of online slots
In gambling on the best online slot gambling sites, money is at stake, both in small and large amounts.

Because this bet can cause feelings of anxiety, fear of losing your money, and this is what over time will cause feelings of depression to become depression.

3. Vulnerable to Data Theft

best online slot site data search
When you register on an online gambling site, you will be asked to enter data in the form of an email, phone number and account number. It is this data that is vulnerable to being stolen by irresponsible persons.

4. Can Cause Acute Addiction

addicted to online slot gambling

Games from online slot sites will sooner or later cause addiction or addiction. At first this addiction starts from a high curiosity so that players will try again and again, even if they lose, players will continue to play because of curiosity about the promised victory, especially the main prize.

If this continues it will become an addiction, and if the addiction has become acute it will be very dangerous. Players will make online gambling an obligation, so that it can cause both material and mental destruction.

5. Tucked in pornographic content

impact of online slot games
The bad impact of playing online gambling on the best online gambling sites is the insertion of pornographic content on gambling sites. This is done to attract site users, and as you know pornography is very bad for a person’s behavior and psychology.

6. Causes of Suicide Cases

impact of online slots
One of the highest suicide cases is from people who experience depression due to gambling, both in online and offline gambling.

Depression due to gambling losses, loss of property, and being chased into debt due to gambling make gamblers vulnerable to suicide.

7. Make Someone a Bad Person

impact of online slots
Gambling habits can make someone a bad character, this happens when they often experience defeat. In general, gamblers who experience defeat will have an unstable mood.

Over time, his behavior also changes for the worse, becomes irritable, or even steals money and property that does not belong to him just to get back to gambling.

Thus our explanation of the difficulty of eradicating the best online slot sites, it takes awareness from within a person of the dangers and negative impacts of this gambling.

In addition, there is also a need for education to the public about the bad impact, there is nothing positive that will be obtained from playing online gambling.

After you know the dangers, will you still do this online gambling?