Music Magazine Print Version Has Fallen In This Digitalization Era!

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Music is one of the arts which we often encounter everywhere. It can almost be said that in every public place, especially in a shop or place of sale, there will be music playing. It is believed by many people that it can make visitors more relaxed and feel at home for long in doing shopping activities or enjoying the food that is served. So it’s no wonder the entertainment industry in the music field will not die over time. However, they still adjust everything according to the changing times that are getting more and more updated in the future. For those of you who have loved the field of music for a long time, you must be familiar with the existence of music magazines. Music magazine is one form of promotion of a separate band.

Through the ability of the mass media to always present reviews, opinion articles, reviews about bands and concert coverage, they can more or less persuade their readers to be interested in the band that is being promoted. So this mass media had become a trend in its time to jump-start the popularity of a band. At the same time, fans show a sense of loyalty to their idol by diligently collecting albums and magazines about him. From this we can observe that the media do play an important role. Its target which is focused on a broad audience makes the media seem to provide a definition of what is considered appropriate and what is not and what is recommended or not, even in some cases the media is able to create a trend. Media culture eventually dominates us in many aspects.

However, in this era of digitalization, it is clear that all are competing to be at the forefront of promotion. So it’s not the time for print magazines to circulate judi online 24jam anymore, maybe some still maintain their existence, but many more have fallen. The shift in the habits of many people who now prefer to enjoy things simply through digital tools has resulted in a decline in print media that discuss music, such as magazines, tabloids, and newspapers. According to data, in 2017 there were still 1,254 publications, but four years later, that number dropped to only 850 publications. For example, the daily Sinar Harapan which was founded in 1961 began to disappear in 2016. This is because they decided to stop publishing and focus on sharing news online.Many online slots and online gaming sites place advertisements on Facebook rather than in magazines.

The cessation of several printed music magazines is not the end for music lovers who diligently monitor updates from the music world. Now many of them have opened websites so that readers can access the news they present easily and more effectively. For example, an Indonesian music magazine that was very influential in its era, which was around 1960 to the 1970s under the name Aktuil. With the help of an institution under UNESCO, he was able to neatly digitize the archives of Aktuil magazine and can be accessed easily via the Indonesian Music Museum website. Apart from being in the form of an online magazine, readers and fans can also monitor their idol’s promotional activities through social media. Nowadays, promotions through social media have mushroomed, if they have many users, such as Instagram, tiktok, twitter, as well as certain online music sites. The application is even more diverse, they don’t just publish news and articles, but rather short videos that entertain many viewers. Short videos, or articles published on several social media, are suspected to be a really powerful way to promote, fans are also entertained with a little more content available.